Bankar Shashikant, Mahadu Cse Geca, S Bansode, Cse Geca
Cloud computing is the most used paradigms in the world of advanced technology. Cloud Computing is a style of computing which must cater to the following computing needs :Dynamism, Abstraction, Resource Sharing. It is used to deploy highly available and scalable systems. These systems demand huge amount of data management. The traditional database systems or the replicated database systems cannot resolve such demand of the scalable systems. There are different solutions that benefit in
more » ... benefit in different ways. Some solutions uses special key value structure, but they lack consistency as they trade for high scalability and availability. The traditional replication protocols for cloud environment also do not scale up well. A new class of data storage had come up called NoSQL (Not Only SQL) that complemented the traditional database systems. High availability and scalability properties for web applications are provided by NoSQL Cloud data stores. NoSQL Cloud data stores sacrifice data consistency. Rejection of general ACID transaction is common feature of NoSQL. Weaker consistency allows better availability, lower latency and other benefits for platform provider. However, now-a-days many web applications or other applications cannot afford any type of data inconsistency. In this paper we provide with a newer concept called CloudTPS. CloudTPS is a scalable transaction manager. It guarantees full ACID properties. It can be used for multi-item transactions issued by web applications as it guarantees consistency, even in presence of network partitions and server failures. We focus on CloudTPS, ACID Properties and describe the key role it playsin achieving consistency with high scalability.