Fournier's gangrene in elderly patient: report of a case

Hajime Nakatani, Shinichi Hamada, Toyotake Okanoue, Akihiro Kawamura, Takashi Chikai, Shinya Yamamoto, Yuichiro Inoue, Kazuhiro Hanazaki
2011 Journal of Medical Investigation  
Fournier's gangrene (FG) is rapidly progressing acute gangrenous infection of the anorectal and urogenital area. FG needs precocious diagnosis and aggressive treatment with the use of wide spectrum antibioticus and surgical debridement. In our case, a 91-year-old Japanese female who had rehabilitation after treatment of pneumonia and her past history was rheumatoid arthritis treated with steroid and chronic heart failure. Her activities of daily living was bedridden with dementia. Necrotic skin
more » ... was observed in urogenital and anorectal area and skin redness enlarged to the hip with high fever. Surgical debridement was performed. Both Peptostreptococcus Sp. and Fusobacterium Sp. was cultured from resected necrotic tissue. We used antibioticus, PAPM and PIPC, which had sensitivity for them. But unfortunately, disseminated intravascular coagulation occurred after 4th day of operation, and finally she died after 10th day of operation. We discussed the treatment for FG in patient with complication. J. Med. Invest. 58 : 255-258, August, 2011
doi:10.2152/jmi.58.255 pmid:21921428 fatcat:pbszknh6z5hf5ns43iwp4eyfbq