On the expressive power of invariants in parametric timed automata [article]

Étienne André, Didier Lime, Mathias Ramparison
2019 arXiv   pre-print
The verification of systems combining hard timing constraints with concurrency is challenging. This challenge becomes even harder when some timing constants are missing or unknown. Parametric timed formalisms, such as parametric timed automata (PTAs), tackle the synthesis of such timing constants (seen as parameters) for which a property holds. Such formalisms are highly expressive, but also undecidable, and few decidable subclasses were proposed. We propose here a syntactic restriction on PTAs
more » ... consisting in removing guards (constraints on transitions) to keep only invariants (constraints on locations). While this restriction preserves the expressiveness of PTAs (and therefore their undecidability), an additional restriction on the type of constraints allows to not only prove decidability, but also to perform the exact synthesis of parameter valuations satisfying reachability. This formalism, that seems trivial at first sight as it benefits from the decidability of the reachability problem with a better complexity than Timed Automata (TAs), suffers from the undecidability of the whole TCTL logic that TAs, on the contrary enjoy. We believe our formalism allows for an interesting trade-off between decidability and practical expressiveness and is therefore promising. We show its applicability in a small case study.
arXiv:1908.06633v1 fatcat:w76qccnq4bgbbh47hl2x47wu7i