Smoking, vaping and hospitalization for COVID-19

Konstantinos Farsalinos, ANASTASIA BARBOUNI, Raymond Niaura
2020 Qeios  
T he study presents an analysis of the current smoking prevalence among hospitalized patients with COVID-19 in China, compared to the population smoking prevalence in China (52.1% in males and 2.7% in females). We identified 5 studies examining the clinical characteristics of hospitalized COVID-19 patients that presented data on the smoking status. T he expected number of smokers was calculated using the formula Expected smokers = (males x 0.521) + (females x 0.027). An unusually low prevalence
more » ... ally low prevalence of current smoking was observed among hospitalized COVID-19 patients (10.2%, 95%CI: 8.7-11.8%) compared to the expected prevalence based on smoking prevalence in China (31.3%, 95%CI: 29.0-33.6%; z-statistic: 17.89, P < 0.0001). T his preliminary analysis does not support the argument that current smoking is a risk factor for hospitalization for COVID-19, and might suggest a protective role. T he latter could be linked to the downregulation of ACE2 expression that has been previously known to be induced by smoking. No studies recording e-cigarette use status among hospitalized COVID-19 patients were identified. T hus, no recommendation can be made for e-cigarette users.
doi:10.32388/z69o8a.2 fatcat:newxa4szwne4zn674q2bjtpcve