Advances in Visual Sensor based on laser structured light and its application for Robotic welding

2020 International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering  
Currently, the technology of visual sensing based on laser structured light is used widely in industrial welding automation due to the many advantages of the laser structured light like noncontact with the workpiece, the ability of acquiring a lot of information with highest rate of precision, and the ease of extracting the image features. Therefore, many researchers started to use the visual sensor based on laser structured light because of the advantages of it. In this review paper, the
more » ... studies and methods of visual sensors based on laser structured light have been reviewed. Moreover, the two types of detection methods for weld seam tracking have been discussed. These methods are passive vision and active vision. The increasing use of laser structured light as an additional light for obtaining accurate information about the welding seam tracking and the image feature extraction is because of the above-mentioned advantages of laser. In addition, this paper illustrates in detail the role of laser structured light in welding seam tracking and the merits & demerits of the laser-type. Moreover, the measurement methods of extracting the image features have been discussed. Thus, laser structured light has a very important role in weld seam tracking in making the system fully automated. Moreover, each one of laser structured light has disadvantages and disadvantages, depending on the application that is going to be used. This review paper presents the visual sensing with combination of the laser structured light, the mathematical modelling methods, the different types of algorithms for extracting the image features and the current challenges are highlighted in this review.
doi:10.30534/ijatcse/2020/322952020 fatcat:asrhbk2hk5h2ljeg4hzl35x3jy