Report of a Case of Purulent Salpingitis

1892 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
tube on the left side distinctly, the fundus uteri was in the second degree of rétroversion and sensitive to gentle pressure in the cul-de-sac. It was firmly glued in place by adhesions. There was an abundant mucoid discharge issuing from the lacerated cervix. On account of her occupation she was unable to take treatment regularly. During the six months from April to October, she had eighteen applications of intra-uterine galvanism, of from forty to fifty milliampères at a sitting ; eleven were
more » ... negative, aud seven positive. There was marked benefit from the first treatment. She was able to do more work and felt better in every way. In a month the leucorrhoea had ceased. Iu spite of the fact that she worked incessantly, was on her feet a large share of the time, and iu addition had two severe colds, she improved in general strength, aud got rid of her pain completely.
doi:10.1056/nejm189206161262405 fatcat:b5oswpxvpbe6xjv4umnyt2gcrq