Stress and Anxiety Among First Year and Final Year Engineering Students

I Priyadarshini, V Ramteke, Rubeena Ansari, I Assistant
International Journal of Advanced Research in Education & Technology (IJARET)   unpublished
B. Stressors to final year engineering students During the three years of studies, students accommodate themselves to the new environment, make new friends, get used to for examinations and other home works, understand the subjects, and prepare themselves for self study. When student enroll for final years, he is introduced with new stressors. After completing his graduation, students have to struggle to make their career in the field they have chosen four years back. Abstract Engineering
more » ... ion in India rooted during the British era. It started with the main focus on Civil Engineering and now expanded its branches in different specialized areas. The diversified braches of engineering provides wide opportunities of employment in various public and private organizations with handsome packages. This has resulted in popularity of engineering courses across the country. To meet the demand for engineering courses, India is increasing its sanctioned intake for engineering courses. In the last ten years 1997-2007 the sanctioned strength grew from 1.15 lakhs to 5.51 lakhs. The number of female students enrolling for engineering courses has also showed tremendous increase in last decade. Today, a large number of Indian engineers have left remarkable impact on the world internationally. To attain these positive outcomes, students have to face many problems and challenges during undergraduate engineering courses. In the present paper, an attempt has been made to study the problems that lead to stress and anxiety among undergraduate engineering students. The major focus of the paper is on investigating the stress and anxiety level among first year and final year undergraduate engineering students. This paper also studies gender differences in stress and anxiety among undergraduate engineering students.