Developments in Theories of Electrokinetic Phenomena: From Smoluchowski to ELKIN

Hiroyuki OHSHIMA
2013 Oleoscience  
A review is given on theories of electrokinetic phenomena in a suspension of charged colloidal par ticles (e.g., electrophoresis of colloidal par ticles in an applied electric field). A special emphasis is put on the electrophoresis theories of Smoluchowski, Hückel, Henr y, and Overbeek. The roles of the par ticle zeta potential and the electrical double layer formed around a charged par ticle, the electrophoretic retardation ef fect, the dif ference between Smoluchowski's and Hückel's
more » ... and the relaxation ef fect are extensively discussed. Historical arguments relating to the appearance of a maximum of the electrophoretic mobility plotted as a function of the par ticle zeta potential are addressed. Finally, the histor y and present activities of the International Symposium of Electrokinetic Phenomena (ELKIN) star ting in 1993 as well as the topics present in the recent symposia are reviewed.
doi:10.5650/oleoscience.13.291 fatcat:2buavq5thnbn3edssdoojhf2du