Early period results after circular stapled hemorrhoidectomy technique on patients with an advanced hemorrhoidal disease

Medeni Sermet
2014 Gaziantep medical journal  
The purpose of this research is to analyze the early period results of the stapled hemorrhoidectomy in adults who went through the process due to a hemorrhoidal disease. The patients who underwent stapled hemorrhoidectomy process between November 2007 and November 2011 because of a grade 3-4 hemorrhoidal disease were all prospectively evaluated in terms of initial complaint, duration of the complaint, co-morbid anal disease and post operative complaints. The operation was conducted through the
more » ... ongo technique. The patients were asked to return for routine postoperative follow-up visits after the periods of 1st month, 6th month and 2nd year. VAS (Visual Analog Scale) was used for the assessment of the pain. 84 of all 114 cases were males with the mean age 37.2 (23-64 yrs) and the rest 30 were females with the mean age 41.4 (22-65 yrs); the duration of the complaints varied from 24 to 120 months. The mean operation duration was 32 min (20-35 min). Preoperative bleeding was observed in 6 of the patiens (5.2%), which was treated through cauterization. No pathologies were observed in the suture line in rectal examinations conducted. IM NSAID (Diclofenac potassium) was given to all patients postoperatively. Twenty seven patients needed analgesic within the course of postoperative 48 hours but no analgesic was needed in the following periods. The mean postoperative hospitalization length was 16 hours (8-48 hr). All the patients got back to their daily routines in about one week. Conventional hemorrhoidectomy was performed for six patients with recurrent hemorrhoids at the end of the postoperative 2nd year. Despite being costly, stapled hemorrhoidectomy is a recommended technique regarding the fact that it gives less postoperative pain, requires a shorter hospitalization period and that the patients are able to get back to work in a short period of time. If our findings are validated through further clinic studies to be conducted in the long term, stapled hemorrhoidectomy can be a gold standard method for the treatment of hemorrhoidal diseases.
doi:10.5455/gmj-30-44551 fatcat:7cqxn5h5rjdhdh4ry2iqk6y4ui