The Evolution Of Indicator Traits For Parental Quality: The Role Of Maternal And Paternal Effects

Jason B. Wolf, Allen J. Moore, Edmund D. Brodie III
1997 American Naturalist  
In systems where individuals provide material resources to their mates or offspring, mate choice based on traits that are phenotypically correlated with the quality of resources provided is expected to be adaptive. Several models have explored the evolution of mating preference where there are direct benefits to choice, but few have addressed how a phenotypic correlation can be established between a male indicator trait and the degree of parental investment. We present a model with three
more » ... ative traits: male and female parental investment and a potential male indicator trait. In our model,
doi:10.1086/286086 pmid:18811305 fatcat:muvesxkq7fcsrfzbel6tq7uzbu