The Effects of the Talent Types on Purchasing Behavior of Beauty-Service products

In-Sook Koo
2012 Fashion business  
This study aims to examine the effect of talent types on the purchasing behaviour of beauty-service products in 367 adults(female and male). The present study is the first to consider both talent types and the purchasing behaviour of beauty-service products correlates to appearance management behaviour. Frequency analysis showed that the mean of 8 talent types of 367 participants was 3.324. The highest talent type of 367 participants was interpersonal talent, the lowest talent type was
more » ... t type was logical-mathematical talent among 8 talent types. There were statistically significant relationships between the talent types(specially, bodily-kinesthetic talent and interpersonal talent) and the purchasing criteria of beauty-service products on the correlation analysis. And the effects of 8 talent types on the purchasing frequency of 4 beauty-service products were significant on the regression analysis, specifically, the results showed that the most significant among 8 talent factors was the interpersonal talent, next, the bodily-kinesthetic was. Thus, the more purchasing frequency of beauty-services products, the higher interpersonal talent were, and the better affinity with others were. As a results, the interpersonal talent factor and bodily-kinesthetic talent factor among 8 talent factors were ultimately affecting the appearance management behaviour. The higher the score, it was concluded that the subject was more active in beauty-related behavior. Conclusively, the appearance is a form of personal asset for one's self-fulfillment, and strong and beautiful appearance is a medium to improve self-esteem and dominance. It is possessing a significant influence in personal satisfaction, self-identity, and social success.
doi:10.12940/jfb.2012.16.3.045 fatcat:y7mga536e5ea7ly5tu5u5rvcae