A Study on the Teaching Mode of Dance Teaching in Normal Universities

2019 unpublished
Dance course in higher normal universities has its unique scientific and particularity, the traditional teaching mode fails to meet the requirements of higher normal dance teaching and the development of the higher normal dance teaching theory. Thus, the teaching mode must be reformed and innovated in order to meet society's need for higher normal talents. This paper studies the construction of the teaching mode of higher normal dance course from the perspective of teaching theory. It Laid the
more » ... oundation for the Implementation of Education The main purpose of education is to train high-quality education talents with all-round development. Students' professional ability and comprehensive quality and the full-time compulsory education wangle standard " is directly related to the implementation, are all factors influencing the quality education can be the key to success, therefore, dance foundation education reform, higher normal education to dance must be accordingly adjusted. Because our country education training
doi:10.35532/jsss.v3.155 fatcat:fe7m66clz5gezhlelesa5uy5pa