A Polynomial Algorithm for Computing the Optimal Repair Strategy in a System with Independent Component Failures [article]

Sampath Srinivas
2013 arXiv   pre-print
The goal of diagnosis is to compute good repair strategies in response to anomalous system behavior. In a decision theoretic framework, a good repair strategy has low expected cost. In a general formulation of the problem, the computation of the optimal (lowest expected cost) repair strategy for a system with multiple faults is intractable. In this paper, we consider an interesting and natural restriction on the behavior of the system being diagnosed: (a) the system exhibits faulty behavior if
more » ... nd only if one or more components is malfunctioning. (b) The failures of the system components are independent. Given this restriction on system behavior, we develop a polynomial time algorithm for computing the optimal repair strategy. We then go on to introduce a system hierarchy and the notion of inspecting (testing) components before repair. We develop a linear time algorithm for computing an optimal repair strategy for the hierarchical system which includes both repair and inspection.
arXiv:1302.4985v1 fatcat:chalr3hsfzg2bhwxriqzv2d3l4