Analysis and monitoring of a sensor-pill using DQPSK, with advanced virtual instrumentation

Ajay Sharma, Hanuman Prasad Shukla
2021 International Journal of Medical Engineering and Informatics  
Recording vital parameters of the internal parts of our human body is complex and challenging, so to get the exact or the accurate value we do the approximation of the data. Now to bridge this gap of accurate and approximate, technology has now taken a huge jump, and have come forward with something known as swallowable sensor pill. Although, we can not imagine of swallowing anything other than food items but still it is working. The electronic pill (e-pill) discussed in this model already
more » ... s, and works on a complete wireless independent system, on a two-way synchronous DQPSK technique using low carrier frequency of 150-300 kHz suited for human body. This small system is incorporated in a small swallow able pill, powered by a special 3v button cell. The received body vital signals, i.e., temperature, SpO2 level, pH value, etc., will be live monitored and analysed using the biomedical toolkit of LabVIEW 8.5, in addition to it a comparative chart of more than one patient can be made for comparative analysis.
doi:10.1504/ijmei.2021.111865 fatcat:omcti7w25bd3ppk4yx5zfiob5i