2020 Motif Akademi Halk Bilimi Dergisi  
As one of the most important inventions of the developmental stages of mankind, textile sheds light on the history of mankind as well. Traditionally, textile is a texture obtained by using such techniques as weaving, braiding, planking and such materials as thread, fiber, etc. The traditional weavings commonly used in Anatolia are hand-weavings, rug weavings, carpet, rug, light rug, zili, sumak and narrow weavings, tablet weaving and colon. Today, the traditional usage areas of the mentioned
more » ... of the mentioned weavings have considerably narrowed down and some of them are among our arts having faded into oblivion. Together with the contemporary interpretation of the traditional textile arts, artists become the source of inspiration for designers, too, while directing today's textile arts. In this study, together with the examples from the works of artists which constitute the contemporary textile art, the tablet weaving technique, one of the traditional art branches having faded into oblivion, the new usage areas of it apart from the traditional ones, the artists presenting authentic works and the works of art were investigated.
doi:10.12981/mahder.655366 fatcat:wbezxsa4mvh6fk27awqszrvgp4