Experiments In New-Wood Through Digital Making [post]

Nikita Yakushev
2021 unpublished
<div>This thesis builds on the foundation of dimensional wood.</div><div>It investigates the field of digital fabrication to identify the</div><div>adjacently-possible tectonics and design-build processes</div><div>which are unlocked by the mass-customized logic of this new</div><div>technology.</div><div>Following the process of design-research, a digitally-guided</div><div>method is generated, leveraging the unique properties of this</div><div>computer-aided craft. This method is used to make
more » ... several</div><div>building forms which serve to define the tectonics that emerged</div><div>from within the performed research.</div>
doi:10.32920/16655041.v1 fatcat:dn3q4rmu2jbfxal42gtaomhb5m