Optimizing the Throughput at an Airport Security Check Point

Yirong Yang
2017 Proceedings of the 2017 5th International Conference on Machinery, Materials and Computing Technology (ICMMCT 2017)   unpublished
To optimize the throughput at an airport security check point, the given data of MCM problem B is analyzed to obtain average arrival ratio of pre-check customers and regular customers respectively, and the service ratio of the ID check and the screening. The fundamental M/M/1 model is introduced at first, and then some stuff and screening equipment have been increased into it, making the s M/M/1 model change into one M/M/S model. After that, a new way is provided to control the queue.
doi:10.2991/icmmct-17.2017.65 fatcat:kdlkbgaivrdoromml3c64vmueu