The flow Confluence of river systems of the Pskem and Koksu river basins

Farrukh Shaazizov, D. Bazarov
2021 E3S Web of Conferences  
In the Bostanlyk district of the Tashkent region, there are high-mountain breakthrough lakes located in the Pskem and Koksu rivers basin, which pose a particular danger to the downstream territories. The river system of the basins of the Pskem and Koksu rivers located in the Tashkent region is characterized by the presence of many nodes of a confluence of tributaries that form the hydrographic network of the basins of the high-mountain rivers under consideration. In the event of man-made and
more » ... of man-made and natural emergencies, a breakthrough wave can form on high-mountain outburst-hazardous lakes. The main purpose of these studies is to develop a method for the hydraulic calculation to determine the depths of flows in the confluence nodes. Based on the use of the law of conservation of momentum, a model and method for calculating the junction of open water streams have been developed. To determine the depth h2 in the main channel after the confluence point, we recommend using the well-known hydraulic methods for determining the depth of water in open channels. Determination of the depths h1 and h0 of the main flow and inflow, respectively, can be analytically obtained based on the obtained dependences (9) and (10).
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202126403041 fatcat:pkfnppgow5dntcmml3kmmdiema