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1980 Antiquity  
during which time he surveyed parts of Turkey for ancient metallzlrgical remains. This year he published a book on the metallurgy of Anatolia. All metallurgies did not always take the same direction of development, as Professor Renfrew (1978) has pointed out in the case of the Varna gold finds. This is due to a large extent to the type and location of raw materials, but also to the special requirements of particular societies. Practicality does not always seem to have been the principal
more » ... e principal motivation behind metallurgical development. More comes into play than just the existence of materials in certain regions. BRAIDWOOD, R. & H. CAMBEL. 1970. An early farming village in Turkey, Scientific American, 222, 50-6. BIN, u. 1969. Kitantitatif spektrat analiz yardimilya anadolu'da baslungicindan asur kolonileri paiina kaa'ur bakir ve tun$ madenciliii (Istanbul). MUHLY, J. 1977. The copper ox-hide ingots and the bronze age metals trade, Iraq, XXXIX, 73-82. RENFREW, c. 1 9 7 8 . Varna and the social context of early metallurgy, Antiquity.
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