Standard reference values of the upper body posture in healthy middle-aged female adults in Germany

Daniela Ohlendorf, Polyna Sosnov, Julia Keller, Eileen M. Wanke, Gerhard Oremek, Hanns Ackermann, David A. Groneberg
2021 Scientific Reports  
AbstractIn order to classify and analyze the parameters of upper body posture, a baseline in form of standard values is demanded. To this date, standard values have only been published for healthy young women. Data for female adults between 51 and 60 years are lacking. 101 symptom-free female volunteers aged 51–60 (55.16 ± 2.89) years. The mean height of the volunteers was 1.66 ± 0.62 m, with a mean body weight of 69.3 ± 11.88 kg and an average BMI of 25.02 ± 4.55 kg/m2. By means of video
more » ... eans of video raster stereography, a 3D-scan of the upper back surface was measured in a habitual standing position. The confidence interval, tolerance range and ICCs were calculated for all parameters. The habitual standing position is almost symmetrical in the frontal plane the most prominent deviation being a slightly more ventral position of the left shoulder blade in comparison to the right. The upper body (spine position) is inclined ventrally with a minor tilt to the left. In the sagittal plane, the kyphosis angle of the thoracic spine is greater than the lordosis angle of the lumbar spine. The pelvis is virtually evenly balanced with deviations from an ideal position falling under the measurement error margin of 1 mm/1°. There were also BMI influenced postural variations in the sagittal plane and shoulder distance. The ICCs are calculated from three repeated measurements and all parameters can be classified as "almost perfect". Deflections from an ideally symmetric spinal alignment in women aged 51–60 years are small-scaled, with a minimal frontal-left inclination and accentuated sigmoidal shape of the spine. Postural parameters presented in this survey allow for comparisons with other studies as well as the evaluation of clinical diagnostics and applications.
doi:10.1038/s41598-021-81879-0 pmid:33504851 fatcat:52yjplaygff5zhzsr5znw6qqki