Relating Network Synaptic Connectivity and Network Activity in the Lobster (Panulirus interruptus) Pyloric Network

Adam L. Weaver, Scott L. Hooper
2003 Journal of Neurophysiology  
Weaver, Adam L. and Scott L. Hooper. Relating network synaptic connectivity and network activity in the lobster (Panulirus interruptus) pyloric network. . The lobster pyloric network has a densely interconnected synaptic connectivity pattern, and the role individual synapses play in generating network activity is consequently difficult to discern. We examined this issue by quantifying the effect on pyloric network phasing and spiking activity of removing the Lateral Pyloric (LP) and Ventricular
more » ... Dilator (VD) neurons, which synapse onto almost all pyloric neurons. A confounding factor in this work is that LP and VD neuron removal alters pyloric cycle period. To determine the effects of LP and VD neuron removal on pyloric activity independent of these period alterations, we altered network period by current injection into a pyloric pacemaker neuron, hyperpolarized the LP or VD neuron to functionally remove each from the network, and plotted various measures of pyloric neuron activity against period with and without the LP or VD neuron. In normal physiological saline, in many (or most) cases removing either neuron had surprisingly little effect on the activity of its postsynaptic partners, which suggests that under these conditions these neurons play a relatively small role in determining pyloric activity. In the cases in which removal did alter postsynaptic activity, the effects were inconsistent across preparations, which suggests that either despite producing very similar neural outputs, pyloric networks from different animals have different cellular and synaptic properties, or some synapses contribute to network activity only under certain modulatory conditions, and the "baseline" level of modulatory influence the network receives from higher centers varies from animal to animal.
doi:10.1152/jn.00705.2002 pmid:12801895 fatcat:w5j25gxvujeipayxasfzetoad4