Theoretical model of stress testing in ferromagnetic plates under magnetic Barkhausen method

张召泉, 时朋朋, 苟晓凡
2022 Wuli xuebao  
As one of the important non-destructive testing techniques for evaluating material performance degradation and stress state, magnetic Barkhausen noise (MBN) has broad application prospects. Clarifying the relationship between internal stress distribution and detection signal can provide important guidance for the evaluation of material stress state-based on MBN signal. In this paper, by constructing the expression of Barkhausen noise excitation intensity related to stress value, combining with
more » ... he signal attenuation effect during signal propagation, and using the hierarchical model along the thickness direction, the analytical model of MBN signal on the surface of the ferromagnetic plate with internal stress distribution was established. Based on the existing experimental results, it was confirmed that the model in this paper could basically reflect the effective rules of the different uniform stresses in the ferromagnetic plate on the signal under different detection frequencies. For the ferromagnetic plate with internal stress distribution, the effects of its stress distribution, magnetic conductivity, electrical resistivity and thickness on surface MBN signal were discussed in detail based on the model in this paper. The theoretical analysis in this paper can be applied to the detection mechanism analysis of the MBN stress evaluation method.
doi:10.7498/aps.71.20212253 fatcat:pnmroj5ivvav3ovisae2m272qi