ADHD Assessment and Treatment Practices Among Local Primary Care Physicians [dataset]

Cecile M. Nowatka, Thomas C. Nowatka, Blair Burke, Anne Harbison, Valerie Tyndall, Candace Williams
2009 PsycEXTRA Dataset   unpublished
Forty-eight Spartanburg County pediatric and family practice physicians (56%) responded to a questionnaire about diagnostic and treatment practices for ADHD. Contrary to the hypotheses, there was no difference between the two types of physicians in type of measure used for assessment, criteria used for assessment, or type of treatment. However, physicians who reported using the DSM or a validated scale placed greater emphasis on actual DSM criteria for diagnosis; physicians who reported not
more » ... ho reported not using the DSM or a validated scale reported emphasis on comorbid problems that are not actually among the DSM criteria for ADHD. Also, these latter
doi:10.1037/e624452009-001 fatcat:pblcqol5bjgjfgiprgsum62ioy