Environmental tests of the HXI spectrometer for the ASO-S mission [article]

Deng-yi Chen, Yi-ming Hu, Zhe Zhang, Yan Zhang, Yong-qiang Zhang, Jian-hua Guo, Yong-yi Huang, Tao Ma, Jin Chang
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The advanced space-based solar observatory (ASO-S) is the first Chinese solar mission which is scheduled to be launched in the end of 2021. It is designed to study the magnetic field, the solar coronal mass ejections the solar flares as well as their relationships. ASO-S includes three scientific payloads, the Full-disk vector MagnetoGraph (FMG), the Lyman-alpha Solar Telescope (LST) and the Hard X-ray Imager (HXI). As a key part on ASO-S, HXI will improve our understanding on the solar flares
more » ... uring the 25th solar maximum. The HXI is composed of three instruments, the collimator (HXI-C), the spectrometer (HXI-S) and the electrical control box (HXI-E). This paper describes the procedure and results of the environmental tests including the mechanical and thermal which were done on the qualification model of the HXI-S. The functional tests of the spectrometer are further carried out, and the results show that the detector could operate normally. 10
arXiv:2005.07483v1 fatcat:amecvxu2cre6zmsbcljx5b5oxq