Polityka zdrowotna RP – co zmieniło się w dobie COVID-19

Piotr Robakowski, Joanna Synoweć
2020 Studia Polityczne  
The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has shocked the entire world. Countries and regions have had to learn to live in the new reality. It has been an enormous challenge for governments that have had to learn to provide livelihoods in times of economic crisis. Health policy plays a special role in this process as it is responsible for the health and life of citizens.The aim of this article is to describe Polish health policy and the changes that have taken place in it during the COVID-19 pandemic. The work
more » ... andemic. The work was created during the pandemic, in the period when the next wave of infections was expected in the autumn-winter season. For this reason, the data and conclusions concern the epidemiological crisis.
doi:10.35757/stp.2020.48.3.04 fatcat:25xsfowqwzhpbitdneyiewuksi