International Journal of Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics Nonlinear wave interaction and resonance of spatially growing electrically forced jets

Research Article, Saulo Orizaga, Daniel Riahi
2016 IJAAMM Int. J. Adv. Appl. Math. and Mech   unpublished
This paper considers the problem of nonlinear instability in electrically driven jets subject to spatially growing disturbances in the presence of a uniform or non-uniform applied electric field. We use the original electro-hydrodynamic equations for mass conservation, momentum, charge conservation, and electric potential to model the viscous axis-symmetric jet flow. For the linear stage, a dispersion relation for this flow is derived and solved for two different types of fluids. We find that
more » ... e lower viscosity fluid operates under the Rayleigh and conducting mode of instability. The higher viscosity fluid only operates under the conducting mode. We used those solutions from the dispersion relation satisfying the resonance condition to study the nonlinear evolution of the problem. The dependent variables in the flow for the jet radius, jet's velocity, jet's electric field and jet's surface charge are solved both in the linear and nonlinear formulation of the problem. The results are discussed and presented. MSC: 76E30 • 76E25