Experimental Study of Rock-Like Materials with Pre-Cracks under Biaxial Compression

Wan Wen, Zhao Yan-Lin, Wang Min
Rock-like materials with pre-cracks were made by using of pre-burying method; RYL-600 testing machine was adopted to conduct biaxial compression experiment of rock-like materials, its lateral stress included three types: 0.5 MPa, 1 MPa and 2 MPa, axial loading rate was loaded at 200 N/s until specimens lost bearing capacity. Damage process of specimens was recorded by digital video camera, and axial tress-strain curve of specimens during the loading process was recorded by computer. Combined
more » ... eo of crack growth of specimens with pre-cracks and their stress-strain curves, influence of different pre-cracks and different crack angle to specimen's damage was analyzed. Coalescence ways and condition for appearance of rock bridge coalescence were summarized Influence of different lateral stress, number of pre-cracks and pre-cracks angle to axial peak strength and residual strength was analyzed.