Recovery effects of exposure to normobaric hyperoxia on central and/or peripheral factors in muscle fatigue

Yuka Yokoi, Ryuya Yanagihashi, Katsuyuki Morishita, Noboru Goto, Takayuki Fujiwara, Koji Abe
2014 The Journal of Japan Academy of Health Sciences  
Purpose of Study : Reported recovery eiiects of hyeroxia are condicted. Increased oxygen concentration influences oxygen transport throughout the organism, therefore it would affect not only peripheral factors in fatigue such as metabolic acidosis in the muscle tissue but also central factors such as the activation levels of central neural cltive. Tliis study aimed to identify the effects and the mechanisms oi normobaric hyperoxia on recovery of local muscle fatigue. Metheds : 12 male subjects
more » ... erformed 3 × 3 × greater than 30 seconds of isometric quadrir ceps exercise at 70% of maximum voluntary isometrie contraction (MVIC) separated by two 15minutes recovery sessions under one of two different o)tygen cenditions, one in normoxia (NOX; 20.9% 02) and one in hyperoxia (HOX; 30.096 02). [ Ib assess the degree of fatigue and recovery, five parameters were used; MVIC, integrated EMG (iEMG) activitM endurance ime to exhaustion, blood lactate, arid perceived exertion measured by a visual analog scale (VAS). Results : MVIC improved an average by approximately 14% in HOX compared to NOX at the conclusion of the second recovery session.
doi:10.24531/jhsaiih.16.4_190 fatcat:hfmqshkqxjbq5ltwwiyry5ctpe