Government Review Draft

Hilda Blanco
Administration 11 Reagan Waskom, Colorado State University 12 Key Messages 13 1. Snowpack and streamflow amounts are projected to decline in parts of the 14 Southwest, decreasing surface water supply reliability for cities, agriculture, and 15 ecosystems. 16 2. The Southwest produces more than half of the nation's high-value specialty crops, 17 which are irrigation-dependent and particularly vulnerable to extremes of moisture, 18 cold, and heat. Reduced yields from increasing temperatures and
more » ... temperatures and increasing 19 competition for scarce water supplies will displace jobs in some rural communities. 20 3. Increased warming, drought, and insect outbreaks, all caused by or linked to 21 climate change, have increased wildfires and impacts to people and ecosystems in 22 the Southwest. Fire models project more wildfire and increased risks to 23 communities across extensive areas. 24 4. Flooding and erosion in coastal areas are already occurring even at existing sea 25 levels and damaging some California coastal areas during storms and extreme high 26 tides. Sea level rise is projected to increase as Earth continues to warm, resulting in 27 major damage as wind-driven waves ride upon higher seas and reach farther 28 inland. 29 5. Projected regional temperature increases, combined with the way cities amplify 30 heat, will pose increased threats and costs to public health in southwestern cities, 31 which are home to more than 90% of the region's population. Disruptions to urban 32 electricity and water supplies will exacerbate these health problems. 33