Recientes desarrollos en la investigación textológica

Luciano Vitacolonna
2004 Estudios de Lingüística. Universidad de Alicante (ELUA)  
Resumen In this paper I try to sketch the maín textological trends that have developed in the last twenty years. I am especially concerned with the last versión of J. S. Petofi s theory, i.e. the so-called semiotic textology. After shortly dealing with some interdisciplinary questions that regard text research (for instance, the role and the relations of pragmatics and semantics, the importance of proceduralism, the role of several types of logic, the utilization of the concepts of possible
more » ... pts of possible world and frame, etc.), I single out the most urgent tasks and aims that semiotic textology has to meet, for example the reformulation of the concept and function of both sign and text / discourse, some critical remarks concerning Chomsky's paradigm, the distinction and explication of different kinds of interpretation (theoretical, structural, procedural, evaluative, etc.), the analyse of multimedial texts and hypertexts, and so on.
doi:10.14198/elua2004.18.15 fatcat:ghxln7iobrbtzisefpbi73rj2u