The Characteristics of Coastal Highway Wave Attack and Nearshore Morphology: Provincial Highway No. 9, Taiwan

Wei-Shiun Lu, Han-Lun Wu, Kai-Cheng Hu, Yen-Lung Chen, Wei-Bo Chen, Shih-Chun Hsiao, Yu Hsiao, Chun-Yen Chen, Li-Hung Tsai
2020 Water  
This study explores coastal hazard characteristics along Provincial Highway No. 9 (hereafter the Provincial Highway) in Taiwan. Numerical simulation was conducted to analyze wave attacks and medium-to-long-term coastal morphological change along the Provincial Highway and identify areas of high hazard potential. Hydrodynamic and morphological change numerical models were used to simulate various meteorological scenarios in the research site; specifically, far-field, medium-field, and near-field
more » ... simulations were performed. Subsequently, the simulated results were employed to analyze hazard characteristics and determine the potential for hazard along the Provincial Highway. According to the analysis of hazard characteristics, the high potential of wave attacks was revealed in the following sections of the highway: 440K+000-441K+000, areas near 424K+500, and 396K+000-396K+500, and the highest potential for erosion was shown in the areas near 418K+000 and 397K+500. Finally, these areas with a high potential for wave attacks and erosion were marked to create a map of hazard potential for the provincial highway, and thus provide insights into future construction works or hazard-prevention operations.
doi:10.3390/w12113274 fatcat:te2xon3azza7bho5axzv5f5fpq