Numerical Simulation of Char Particle Gasification

Syed Shabbar Raza, Isam Janajreh, Rizwan Ahmed, Ashjan AlKatheeri
2015 Journal of Energy and Power Engineering  
A first principal modeling of the gasification of a char particle is performed using single step mechanism. The char particle is considered to be spherical in shape and only the physical and chemical properties can change in the radial direction. The carbon dioxide is used as the gasification agent that reacts with the char and form carbon monoxide. The presence of both solid and gaseous phase species makes the reaction heterogeneous. The char particle is considered with varying porosity that
more » ... ing porosity that also allows the change in the surface area of the particle. A time invariant temperature and pressure profile is used at which the Arrhenius rate constant and diffusion is calculated. The mass conservation of model results in the form of two coupled partial differential and one ordinary differential equation. The equations are solved with a set of initial and boundary conditions using the bulk species concentration at the particle surface. A second order accurate central differencing scheme is used to discretize space while backward differencing is used to discretize time. Finally, the results are presented for the concentration distribution of CO and CO 2 in radial direction with respect to time. It shows that, maximum concentration of CO is present at the center of the particle while the concentration gradient becomes higher near the particle surface. The nonlinear concentration trend due to the diffusion is effectively captured. The results show that, completed conversion of char depend upon the time provided for the reaction which can be reduced by decreasing the size of particle or increasing the reaction temperature. The sensitivity study of temperature and initial porosity also performed and showed that temperature has high impact on char conversion as compare to initial porosity.
doi:10.17265/1934-8975/2015.08.001 fatcat:xrgl2yh4rffq3gsk3ztezoso7a