J0530304 Investigation on Blade Profile of Gyromill Wind Turbine through Aerodynamic Study
J0530304 ジャイロミル型風車の流体力学的考察による翼型の研究

2015 The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress Japan  
Gyrorn 皿 w 血 d 励 慵 舳 tWo different blade profles 職 investigated axperimeritally and numerically in order to verify the e丘bCt of the negative camber on aerOdynamic perfcmriance . EXpeimentS were canied out using a model 励 血 e impeller Wi血 an 曲 l l ゆ of 200 with two blades were measured wi 血 aw 血 d tunnel血 aw 血d velodty of constant 4 m ! s. Ihe results showed that 血 e ma 洫 num power coe 伍 cient was higher fer the blade with negative ca皿 beT by 5. O percerltage pointS 廿旧 n the one Witho 耐 b肌 跏 m 蚓 yn 圃
doi:10.1299/jsmemecj.2015._j0530304- fatcat:ixkactcmqvds3iokdb5edn2ig4