Chemical reactions during ThO{sub 2} and ThO{sub 2}-UO{sub 2} fuel fabrication [report]

J.C. Clayton
1994 unpublished
The chernioal reactions that occurred during the various processing steps used in the fabrication of thorla and thoria-urania fuel pellets for the ShippingPort Ught Water Breeder Reactor are disoussed. These include (1) precipitationand pyrolysis of thorium oxalate, (2) precipitation, calcination, and hydrogen reductionof ammonium diuranate, (3) oomminution, granulation with an organic binder, and cold oornpaction of ThOa and ThOa-UOa powders, (4) de-urization
doi:10.2172/10176435 fatcat:3o6yz6rpebhbzgaw724amebg2i