Light in airport interior design, considering its pollution effects on ecosystems

Igor Danisovich Valeev, Albina Maratovna Ahmetova, Veronika Valentinovna Markelova
2020 Caspian Journal of Environmental Sciences  
"When we add light to the environment, that has the potential to disrupt habitat, just like running a bulldozer over the landscape can." Scientific evidence suggests that artificial light at night has adverse and deadly effects on many creatures, including amphibians, birds, mammals, insects and plants. Nocturnal animals sleep during the day and are active at night. Light pollution radically alters their nighttime environment by turning night into day. The article gives an idea of ​​the current
more » ... direction of design - lighting design, where light is considered as an integral part of the interior. Besides, it focuses on the detrimental effects of artificial light on ecosystems and attempts to minimize the damage. The popular trend, its impact on modern interior design, architecture, and the spatial environment is briefly decrypted. The types of lighting and the characteristic of their significance in the interior are described. A new stylistic, compositional colour and lighting solution, modern technologies and lighting materials are introduced and analyzed in this airport interior design. Lighting was created depending on the tasks with the help of general, local (target), accent lighting and light-emitting fibre. General and local lighting help to solve visual problems, and accident lighting is designed to decorate this interior, drawing attention to architectural details, changing the visual perception of space. In the project, accent lighting is used on the bar counter and in some parts of the room. The main non-traditional, or rather the latest way of lighting in our project is the light-emitting tubes used in an art object that imitates a tree in the airport waiting area. It is assumed that in this interior, it is also possible to create a lighting scenario where it is worth "dimming" the lighting above the tables to make the sometimes required, more relaxed atmosphere or adjust the lighting program for the tree sculpture so that it "shimmers" with lights. The location of such a statue in the cafe area will at [...]
doi:10.22124/cjes.2020.4492 doaj:31e24578821942c0a44d4166532adb9b fatcat:xy4zgbnkljeofpmccaxnho3mgy