Modelling Value-oriented Legal Reasoning in LogiKEy [article]

Christoph Benzmüller and David Fuenmayor and Bertram Lomfeld
2022 arXiv   pre-print
The logico-pluralist LogiKEy knowledge engineering methodology and framework is applied to the modelling of a theory of legal balancing in which legal knowledge (cases and laws) is encoded by utilising context-dependent value preferences. The theory obtained is then used to formalise, automatically evaluate, and reconstruct illustrative property law cases (involving appropriation of wild animals) within the Isabelle proof assistant system, illustrating how LogiKEy can harness interactive and
more » ... omated theorem proving technology to provide a testbed for the development and formal verification of legal domain-specific languages and theories. Modelling value-oriented legal reasoning in that framework, we establish novel bridges between latest research in knowledge representation and reasoning in non-classical logics, automated theorem proving, and applications in legal reasoning.
arXiv:2006.12789v5 fatcat:5hmrok7ls5c6riplcn3v5gvb34