Threats Arising from Software Gamification [chapter]

Lucio Gros, Cécile van de Leemput
2021 The Role of Gamification in Software Development Lifecycle  
The appearance of gamification dates back about a decade and since this tool has been increasingly used not only in the entertainment sector but also in the industry, army, education, health and others. Studies suggest that this approach may provide added value outcomes, in particular in the users' motivational and engagement areas, in a wide range of fields such as customer relations, skills learning, physical exercises, health management, etc. On the other hand, the consequences and potential
more » ... risks related to its use remain insufficiently understood and have started to become the object of research in the last years. This chapter aims at exploring and deepening the understanding of the possible threats resulting from the use of software gamification at both the individual and collective levels. To do so, an integrative literature review was carried out on studies examining the negatives effects and challenges of this tool so as to identify the possible adverse impacts arising from them. Overall, results would show that an inadequate gamification design and implementation and its implications in terms of a flawed rewarding system and ethical issues may entail perils such as demotivating users, engendering mistrust, health issues and tarnishing the gamification credibility as well as that of the management in charge of it.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.95963 fatcat:2ho3lzfvczbt7pb6f2ah6fjgze