Recent Developments and Future Challenges of Hydrogels as Draw Solutes in Forward Osmosis Process

Jichao Wang, Shanshan Gao, Jiayu Tian, Fuyi Cui, Wenxin Shi
2020 Water  
Forward osmosis (FO) has been recently regarded as a promising water treatment technology due to its lower energy consumption and lower membrane fouling propensity compared to the reverse osmosis (RO). The absence of suitable draw solute constraints the wide-range application of the FO. Hydrogels are three-dimensional hydrophilic polymer networks that can absorb a huge amount of water. Particularly, stimuli-responsive polymer hydrogels can undergo a reversible volume change or solution-gel
more » ... r solution-gel phase transition in response to external environmental stimuli, including temperature, light, pressure, solvent composition, and pH. These intrinsic properties indicate the lowest regeneration cost of draw solutes compared to the thermal method and other membrane processes. This review aims to introduce the research progress on hydrogels as draw solutes, clarify the existing problems and point out the further research direction.
doi:10.3390/w12030692 fatcat:h2odg4iq5fhfjbp4klwzyzs3am