Roman lamp from the Ἀρχέπολις workshop and other late antique lamps from Burial House 1/2007 in the Harbour Necropolis of Ephesos

Marina Ugarković
2019 Ancient lamps from Spain to India. Trade, influences, local traditions  
The article presents ceramic lamps discovered during the 2007 rescue excavation conducted in Burial House 1/2007 in the Roman and late antique Harbour Necropolis of Ephesos, located north of the harbour channel. An imported Roman lamp of probable Cypriot origin, with the first instance of an 'Aρχεπόλεως signature coming from Ephesos, is given special attention among the grave goods from Grave 3. It depicts Hercules dragging Cerberus from the Underworld. Other finds represent imported and local
more » ... ate antique arts and crafts. Some of these may have been used in the context of Ephesian burial rites, most conceivably as lighting devices, contributing thus to a better understanding of local crafts and customer demand.
doi:10.31338/uw.2083-537x.pam28.1.18 fatcat:2ex7jalnjbhq7e63phlpsahzky