Neutrino oscillations in extended Anti-GUT model

C. D. Froggatt
2000 AIP Conference Proceedings  
What we call the Anti-GUT model is extended a bit to include also right-handed neutrinos and thus make use of the see-saw mechanism for neutrino masses. This model consists in assigning gauge quantum numbers to the known Weyl fermions and the three see-saw right-handed neutrinos. Each family (generation) is given its own Standard Model gauge fields and a gauge field coupled to the B-L quantum number for that family alone. Further we assign a rather limited number of Higgs fields, so as to break
more » ... lds, so as to break these gauge groups down to the Standard Model gauge group and to fit, w.r.t. order of magnitude, the spectra and mixing angles of the quarks and leptons. We find a rather good fit, which for neutrino oscillations favours the small mixing angle MSW solution, although the mixing angle predicted is closest to the upper side of the uncertainty range for the measured solar neutrino mixing angle. An idea for making a "finetuning"-principle to "explain" the large ratios found empirically in physics, and answer such questions as "why is the weak scale low compared to the Planck scale?", is proposed. A further very speculative extension is supposed to "explain" why we have three families.
doi:10.1063/1.1328879 fatcat:2yzatklblzhdrbcl3nu3lnorha