Fractura luxación bipolar de clavícula: clavícula fl otante

Luis Gerardo, Domínguez Gasca, Francisco Martínez Rodríguez, Jorge Reyes, Luis Gerardo, Domínguez Carrillo
Bipolar fracture dislocations of the clavicle are rare injuries, there are less of 50 cases reported. Usually it is result of high-energy direct trauma. Porral in 1831 described the fi rst case. Management of these injuries has remained controversial ranging from non operative to aggressive surgery. Clinical case: A 50 years old male, who suffered three meters fall over left shoulder, attended initially by empiric with Velpeau for three weeks, patient comes to Emergency Room with fever and
more » ... with fever and purulent material of left sternoclavicular joint exploration. Physical exploration showed: temperature of 38 o C; 2 cm in diameter area with loss of substance, including viewing area bone on left sternoclavicular joint with abundant purulent secretion. Studies showed bipolar dislocation fracture collarbone, exposed in its medial portion with active infection.