Design of a wireless power transmission system for portable electronic equipment

Guoen Cao, Hee-Jun Kim, Donchul Choi, Jaewoo Lim, Puyang Cheng, Seok Bae
2014 2014 17th International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS)  
This paper presents a wireless power transmission system based on inductive coupling for portable electronic equipment. The system consists of a transmitter inverter, an inductively coupling link, and a receiver rectifier. The power transmitter is based on a full-bridge phase-shift inverter, and the inductive link is composed of two loosely coupled inductors. A high frequency bridge rectifier and a DC/DC converter consist the receiver part. To improved the performance of the system, modeling
more » ... hod of the magnetically coupled link is addressed and analyzed. A 20W prototype circuit is built and tested. As performance of soft magnetic composite sheet is essential for the system efficiency and reliability, evaluation experiments of different Fe-based soft magnetic composites were carried out and analyzed. The results show that the system efficiency is up to 65% at full load.
doi:10.1109/icems.2014.7013800 fatcat:vijbp5vznjfmlj7edo4ts52g4y