El juego en el arte moderno y contemporáneo

Teresa Gutiérrez Párraga
2009 Arte, Individuo y Sociedad  
days. This relation has its origin in the historical avant-garde movements. In search of the new and guided by their transgressor spirit, these movements, cause the artists to recuperate for art the concept of play; using it to canalize many of the great themes of interest, such as: opposition to conservative and institutionalized culture, to demonstrate the concept of "modern life", the search for creativity, new forms of expression, a bigger rapprochement and participation of the spectator,
more » ... c. This opens a new dimension to appropriate experimentation to a more advanced artistic sensitivity. ISSN: 1130-0531 Arte, Individuo y Sociedad 51 2009, vol. 21 51-72 Teresa Gutiérrez Párraga El juego en el arte moderno y contemporáneo manifestations have. Although the participation of the type of play in a work of art is not homogenous, there will always be a main constituent and a subordinated one. Certainly, there won´t be any play that does not maintain a relation of intersection with some aspect of another; which is why there will always
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