Women's Contribution to the Creation of a Hebrew-Speaking Community during the First Aliyah

Bar-Ziv Levy Miri, Sichel Ivy
2021 Zenodo  
hThe paper presents the contribution of women of the first wave of immigration (=Aliyah) to the revival of Hebrew speech, and reveals their achievements during the period of immigration (1882-1903), and up until the Language War (1913). Our focus on women sheds new light on everyday community life and on less familiar aspects of the revival more generally. We examine the revival of Hebrew speech in Rishon LeZion; track the first two generations of the emergent speech community; and focus on
more » ... y; and focus on women's contribution to the revival as mothers, nursery school teachers, and language activists. The need for a re-assessment of the first women speakers' contribution to the revival follows from consideration of the historical significance of the ongoing exclusion of women from Hebrew, as part of the traditional Jewish gendered division. The secularization of Hebrew marked the beginning of women's access to Hebrew high culture and undermined the traditional gender division. In Rishon LeZion Hebrew speech facilitated women's access to the public domain, and there is significant overlap between the women active in the revival and the women who led the suffragist struggle 20 years later.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4748802 fatcat:zlzntimt65h37fjjxvz5kr5ayy