A Novel Shortcut Method for the Design of Heteroazeotropic Distillation of Multicomponent Mixtures [chapter]

Korbinian Kraemer, Andreas Harwardt, Wolfgang Marquardt
2009 Design for Energy and the Environment  
Shortcut methods are valuable tools in the early stages of chemical process design, where numerous flowsheet alternatives need to be evaluated to determine the most energy-efficient, feasible flows heet. Various shortcut methods based on tray-to-tray calculation and pinch point analysis for the inspection of feasibility and the determination of t he minimum energy demand (MED) for homogeneous nonideal distillation have been published in the literature. Rec ently, Kraemer et al. 1 presented the
more » ... eed pinch method (FPM) for heterogeneous azeotropic mixtures of any number of components. While the FPM returns an accurate repres entation of the ME D, it still requires tray-to-tray calculations for one column section and it can only be applied to separations with a feed pinch, i.e. usually direct or indirect splits. In this work, we propos e the feed angle method (FAM) which resolves both of these issues as it does not rely on numerous tray-to-tray calculations and can be applied to any kind of sharp split. The FAM is illustrated by t ernary and quaternary heteroazeotropic separations with direct, indirect and intermediate splits.
doi:10.1201/9781439809136-c97 fatcat:ihrvhpo5mvd7tkillmwuronuxu