Arni Gemilang Harsanti
2016 Premiere Educandum  
<span class="fontstyle0">The ministry of national education (kemendiknas) stated the application of<br />character education in every level from Elementary School to University. It is<br />because during these days, educational world scored less succeed in introducing<br />national generation to become prestige personality. It is implicated through every<br />subject of study, like social studies. The position of social studies learning is so<br />unique because there must be preparation to
more » ... preparation to educate students to live and<br />understand their world, where their personal and social quality will become more<br />important. The developed values in character education are identified by: (1)<br />religion, (2) Pancasila, (3) Cultural, and (4) National education purposes. The<br />value of social studies, a teacher must push the students to become active in<br />obtaining values. Through social studies, students are directed to be democratic<br />and responsible citizen and also world citizen who love peaceful. The subject of<br />social studies is designed to develop science, understanding and analysis ability<br />to social community condition in entering dynamic society life.<br /><br /></span>
doi:10.25273/pe.v5i02.282 fatcat:kyyhqpnrcncshoom2im2e2hnb4