Main Hydrogen Production Processes: An Overview

Marco Martino, Concetta Ruocco, Eugenio Meloni, Pluton Pullumbi, Vincenzo Palma
2021 Catalysts  
Due to its characteristics, hydrogen is considered the energy carrier of the future. Its use as a fuel generates reduced pollution, as if burned it almost exclusively produces water vapor. Hydrogen can be produced from numerous sources, both of fossil and renewable origin, and with as many production processes, which can use renewable or non-renewable energy sources. To achieve carbon neutrality, the sources must necessarily be renewable, and the production processes themselves must use
more » ... e energy sources. In this review article the main characteristics of the most used hydrogen production methods are summarized, mainly focusing on renewable feedstocks, furthermore a series of relevant articles published in the last year, are reviewed. The production methods are grouped according to the type of energy they use; and at the end of each section the strengths and limitations of the processes are highlighted. The conclusions compare the main characteristics of the production processes studied and contextualize their possible use.
doi:10.3390/catal11050547 doaj:44a574cf32414fad8b5c0c43fd241563 fatcat:cljaec5ebfddbpk4zylvutbg2q