Model-Based Control Design of an EHA Position Control Based on Multicriteria Optimization

Matthias Dörr, Felix Leitenberger, Kai Wolter, Sven Matthiesen, Thomas Gwosch
2022 Machines  
For the control of dynamic systems such as an Electro-Hydraulic Actuator (EHA), there is a need to optimize the control based on simulations, since a prototype or a physical system is usually not available during system design. In consequence, no system identification can be performed. Therefore, it is unclear how well a simulation model of an EHA can be used for multicriteria optimization of the position control due to the uncertain model quality. To evaluate the suitability for control
more » ... ation, the EHA is modeled and parameterized as a grey-box model using existing parameters independent of test bench experiments. A method for multi-objective optimization of a controller is used to optimize the position control of the EHA. Finally, the step responses are compared with the test bench. The evaluation of the step responses for different loads and control parameters shows similar behavior between the simulation model and the physical system on the test bench, although the essential phenomena could not be reproduced. This means that the model quality achieved by modeling is suitable as an indication for the optimization of the control by simulation without a physical system.
doi:10.3390/machines10121190 fatcat:vklb3l66kjfoxep3pgdo2j6eyi