Thermal properties and X-ray diffraction of wood plastic nanocomposite (effect of coupling agent and nanoclay content)

Hassan Zyaei, Habib alah Khademi eslam, Behzad Bazyar, Noraldin Nazarneghad
2010 تحقیقات علوم چوب و کاغذ ایران  
The aim of this study was to determine effect of coupling agent contents on the thermal properties and nanoclay dispersion of reed flour /polypropylene /nanoclay composites. For this purpose we considered wood flour 40% fixed maleic anhydride in two levels (5% and 10%) and nanoclay (Cloisite 10A) in three levels (0, 1 and 3%). The materials were mixed in an internal mixer with 175 oC, 60 rmp for 10 minutes and then the specimens were fabricated by injection molding method. The clay structure
more » ... e clay structure and dispersion processes have been studied by X-ray diffraction. Thermal characterizations of the nanocomposites were carried out using Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC). The results revealed that Enthalpy, Crystallinity and Crystalline temperature of composites were increased by adding up of coupling agent and nanoclay (in some levels) contents. The XRD patterns show the exfoliation structure of nanoclay that indicated on a good dispersion of clay in polymer matrix, which turn in a reason for increasing thermal properties.
doi:10.22092/ijwpr.2011.117159 doaj:aaec4d874791430bb2785cef8807efef fatcat:vftngsnccjborhqmhonjjw767a