Modified Landau levels, damped harmonic oscillator, and two-dimensional pseudo-bosons

S. Twareque Ali, F. Bagarello, Jean Pierre Gazeau
2010 Journal of Mathematical Physics  
Uncertainty relation for non-Hamiltonian quantum systems J. Math. Phys. 54, 012112 (2013) Fractional Schrödinger equation for a particle moving in a potential well J. Math. Phys. 54, 012111 (2013) Off-shell Jost solutions for Coulomb and Coulomb-like interactions in all partial waves J. Math. Phys. 54, 013514 (2013) Generalized Kepler problems. I. Without magnetic charges J. Math. Phys. 54, 012109 (2013) High-energy analysis and Levinson's theorem for the selfadjoint matrix Schrödinger operator
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doi:10.1063/1.3514196 fatcat:ja25mjwk2bdxhe46h4ii6fvrxi